Spaldwick Parish Council: Draft minutes of the November 2010 meeting now available

The latest meeting of the Spaldwick Parish Council took place on Thursday 18th November 2010.

At the meeting, Eddie Roughsedge, Chairman of the Spaldwick Village Hall Committee, outlined the results of the survey of residents aimed at confirming the requirement for a village hall and obtaining views on two possible sites – (a) Public Open Space east of Playtimes and (b) Bury Close. 268 (92% of the 291 residents interviewed) supported provision of a hall. 217 (75% of the 291) would support site (a) and 217 would support site (b). 66 (23%) objected to site (a) and 69 (24%) objected to site (b). It is estimated that in each case 40% of those who objected lived adjacent to that site.