Nine nominations for the forthcoming election of Spaldwick Parish Council

The next election at which seven councillors will be elected to serve for a four year term on the Spaldwick Parish Council will be held on Thursday 5th May 2011. The following nine nominations have been received by the Returning Officer:

Sharan Jackson-Rimmer (7 Littlecotes Close)
Richard Paul Johnson (41 Stow Road)
Grahame Leach (8 High Street)
Jane Ann O`Dwyer (8 Littlecotes Close)
Bernard Francis Plummer (41 High Street)
Greg Rice (14 Ivy Way)
Graham Sidney Smith (3 Stow Rd)
Shonah Louise Wakefield (36 Feriman Road)
Robert William Wooddisse (West Lodge Farm).

For more information on the Spaldwick Parish Council, view the Spaldwick Parish Council page.