Making Spaldwick bloom – a message from Grahame Leach

Photo of flowers in Spaldwick“The Spaldwick Parish Council would like to improve the look of Spaldwick and we would like your help.

We have discussed the idea of tubs at the entrance to Spaldwick but we have been told, by Huntingdon District Council, that this is not acceptable.

So, we have looked at the possibilities of putting large planters, at key points in the Village, in places that we will agree at a later date. The costs of these planters would be funded by the Parish Council, subject to the usual voting procedures.

We would need to look after these planters and their contents, with volunteer labour and they would need to be watered and weeded, to keep them looking attractive. I would ask anyone who is interested in this aspect, to contact me. It would be useful if we could have a rota of people and I will personally be pleased to be part of that.

We would also like to encourage individual houses to put up their own window boxes and planters, to add to the general look of the Village.

We have the Queen’s Jubilee to celebrate next year and we could use this event, as a reason, to start this idea off.

We will be discussing this at our Parish Council Meetings but I would like to meet with other interested people in the Village, to promote this idea.”

Grahame Leach

Tel 01480 890216