Spaldwick celebrates the Royal Wedding in style!

Photo of Spaldwick Royal Wedding celebrationThis weekend, Spaldwick celebrated the Royal Wedding in style. It was a weekend to remember, as William and Catherine – now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – were married in Westminster Abbey on Friday 29th April 2011. Most of the residents of Spaldwick watched the excellent coverage of the service on television. While weather forecasters had predicted showers, the weather turned out much better than expected.

On Friday afternoon, the festivities began in Spaldwick. There were at least three street parties in the village. It was great to see the fantastic community spirit that we have in Spaldwick, and a pleasant distraction from economic and other woes.


Photo of cakes at Spaldwick Royal Wedding partyAt 3pm on Saturday 30th April, a Royal Wedding Garden Party in aid of St James Church took place at 43, High Street, kindly hosted by John Blatch. Scenes were reminiscent of the wedding guests arriving at Westminster Abbey, with beautiful hats in adundance.

We wish the happy couple a happy life together. Fans of the Royal Family are now eagerly awaiting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.


View the photos from the Royal Wedding Garden Party at 43 High Street.