Spaldwick to get unbundled broadband services from December 2011

Some excellent news on the broadband front. We understand that TalkTalk plans to launch unbundled broadband services from the Woolley exchange, with a planned launch date of 19th December 2011. This is great news for two reasons:

  • TalkTalk will use the more advanced ADSL2+ technology rather than the older ADSL technology currently used by BT. This will provide significantly increased speeds for most users.
  • Prices will be substantially lower than BT-based broadband services. For example, TalkTalk currently offers a combination of broadband (with a 40GB allowance) and telephone (with unlimited evening and weekend calls) for a total of £17.05 per month, which includes the line rental.

There are also a number of ISPs that will offer broadband services using the TalkTalk network, such as Xilo, and these will be cheaper than their BT-based services. More information (such as a comparison of all available services and pricing) will be provided as we get closer to the launch date.