Thank you for supporting the Spaldwick website

A big thank you for supporting the Spaldwick website. As you can see from the graph below, we’ve seen strong growth in the number of monthly visits, and exceeded 4,000 monthly visits during October 2011. The number of visits in October was 14 times the number of visits in February 2011. Many people are using search engines to access the site, and search engines accounted for 2,660 visits in October – up 1237% from February 2011.


 Growth in Spaldwick website visits


To ensure that the website continues to be able to support the growth in traffic, it has been redeveloped behind the scenes. The website has been redesigned to load much more quickly, and all images have been optimised, with full use being made of browser caching. The Spaldwick website is now delivered from its very own dedicated server and also uses an advanced global content distribution network.  This is to support the many international visitors that regularly access our broadband help pages.