Burger King Drive-through in Spaldwick?

Applegreen has applied for planning permission to “upgrade” the existing service station in Spaldwick. As holder of franchises for Burger King and Costa, Applegreen proposes to build a drive-through and indoor restaurant.

Applegreen’s proposal includes removal of the HGV island and pumps and construction of a larger retail building and formal car parking with 50 spaces. HGVs will not be encouraged to use the site as Applegreen considers that HGV demand is currently adequately catered for in the area, for example at Brampton Hut. Interestingly, the same argument could be applied to private vehicles, which are catered for at Brampton Hut with McDonalds.

The site sits at the edge of the Spaldwick Conservation Area. Many local residents have already expressed their concerns, particularly with regard to litter (for example, along High Street and Thrapston Road), possible cooking smells and increased traffic. The formal planning documents can be viewed on the Huntingdonshire District Council planning application site.

We understand that there will be a special Spaldwick Parish Council meeting on 22nd November 2012 at 8pm to discuss the application.

David Stowell says, “On Thursday 22nd November at 8pm at Spaldwick School there will be a Special Meeting of the Parish Council to determine the Council’s response to Planning Application 1201651FUL, which involves changes to the Spaldwick Service Area to create a take-away and drive-through restaurant, increase parking and remove the HGV pump island. Members of the public are welcome to address the meeting in the Open Forum.”

“With regard to comments on planning applications, members of the public can submit their comments by letter or via their website direct to Huntingdonshire District Council. If they do so, it is suggested that copies are sent to the Spaldwick Parish Clerk so that they can be taken into consideration at the meeting that determines the Parish Council’s response. Members of the public may also attend any meeting of the Parish Council and, when Planning Applications are being discussed, make comments when invited to do so by the Chairman, either in the Public Open Forum or immediately prior to the agenda item about which they wish to comment. I would recommend that comments sent direct to Huntingdonshire District Council are sent within the timescales stated on their website to avoid possible rejection.”