Gavin Lessing-Caller Resigns

Gavin Lessing-CallerUnfortunately, due to pressure of work, Gavin Lessing-Caller has had to resign as Chairman of the Spaldwick Social Group, but will remain as a fully supportive member.

Gavin has served as Chairman of the Spaldwick Social Group since 2008 and, in this capacity, he has presided over, and enthusiastically taken the lead with, successive Village Fetes, Valentine Balls, Christmas Carols round the village, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and numerous other events.

On behalf of the Spaldwick Parish Council and the Community at large, I wish to thank Gavin for all his dedication and hard work for the village over the past four years and we look forward to his continued enthusiastic support in the future.

Bernard Plummer, Chairman, Spaldwick Parish Council

Despite having a challenging full-time job, Gavin has freely and enthusiastically given his time to help foster the amazing village community atmosphere that has been so evident at events such as the Jubilee celebrations and the Spaldwick Fetes. As well as organising events, Gavin has often been the last person to leave events to ensure everything has been cleared away. He has made a fantastic contribution to village life. Thank you!

Mark Heath, Spaldwick website