Spaldwick Gardening Club Welcomes New Members

Roger Haines of SpaldwickAnother successful meeting of the new Spaldwick Gardening Club was held on May 10 2012 when we welcomed further new members.

The main activity of the evening was a demonstration of hanging basket construction that would be partially drought resistant, with the main emphasis being to use the largest basket possible and to incorporate water retaining crystals in the compost plus weekly feeding of a liquid fertilizer.

After the demonstration, several members made their own hanging baskets.

The Gardening Club has been asked by Spaldwick Social Group if we could provide a Plant Stall for the Spaldwick Fete on July 14 2012. The club agreed to do this but, due to the short notice, decided that, as well as selling a selection of plants, it would have a raffle of several planted containers and other gardening items.

June’s meeting will be a visit to the gardens of two club members in Stow Longa, meeting at 7.20pm on Wednesday June 13 2012 at 18 High Street, Spaldwick. New members are always welcome!

Roger Haines