Minutes of the Spaldwick Parish Council

Photo of the Spaldwick Parish Council notice board

The minutes of both the Annual Parish Meeting (on Thursday 31st May 2012) and the Spaldwick Parish Council meeting on Thursday 21st June 2012 are now available and can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Minutes of Spaldwick Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 31st May 2012

The minutes contain a review of the year and information about Spaldwick Welcome Club (Maureen Vickers), Spaldwick Church (John Blatch), Spaldwick Carpet Bowls Club (Graham Smith), Escape Youth Group (Sharan Jackson-Rimmer), Spaldwick Community Room Users Committee (Bernard Plummer), Spaldwick Social Group (Bernard Plummer) and the Village Hall (Bernard Plummer). 

Bernard Plummer (Chairman of the Spaldwick Parish Council) said, “I wish to offer the appreciation and encouragement of the Council to all the many voluntary groups and individuals actively supporting the life of the village, particularly to the Escape Youth Group, the Social Group and Village Fete Committee.”


Minutes of Spaldwick Parish Council on Thursday 21st June 2012