Superfast Broadband Registrations in Spaldwick Near 50%

Thank you if you have already registered for the Cambridgeshire County Council superfast broadband survey. Please do so if you have not done already, by clicking here. If you have a second line (for example, for business), please ensure you register for this too.

We have just been informed by Cambridgeshire County Council that Spaldwick has already achieved 121 registrations – representing about 47% of premises. This is a brilliant start! There is much work still to do to achieve 100%, and to spread the word to surrounding villages, such as Ellington (where registrations stand at 3.1%).

While some streets in Spaldwick have already reached or are nearing 100% sign-up rates, we still have a lot of work to do in others. Please help by encouraging friends, family members and neighbours to sign up.

It takes less than a minute, and you only have to enter your postcode and telephone number.

We will regularly update you on progress through this website. Remember Cambridgeshire County Council has a large pot of money to bring superfast broadband to Cambridgeshire villages and will use this survey to decide which villages get the money and which do not. Please don’t let house prices fall!