Superfast Broadband Registrations Reach 82%

Well done Spaldwick, and thank you to everyone who registered for the Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband campaign at the 2012 Spaldwick Fete!

Cambridgeshire County Council has announced that Spaldwick superfast broadband registrations have now reached 211 – representing  an amazing 82% of premises. In the league table of Cambridgeshire parishes, Spaldwick is now fourth out of 281 parishes in Cambridgeshire when ranked in terms of total number of registrations. 

This compares with 90 (12.6%) for Alconbury (19th place),  84 (31.8%) for Grafham (22nd place),  21 (9.3%) for Ellington (143rd place), 20 (39.2%) for Easton (146th place) and 6 (13.6%) for Stow Longa (231st place).

There has been a rapid increase in the number of Spaldwick registrations, as shown in the chart below, and 100% is now a realistic objective. 


 Chart showing the growth in Spaldwick superfast broadband registrations


The campaign in Spaldwick will now focus on increasing the number of registrations in streets where registrations are well below 100%. Street broadband champions are now required in Ferriman Road, Thrapston Road, Royston Avenue, Mount Pleasant and Stow Road, as shown in the chart below. Please help!


Chart of Spaldwick superfast broadband registrations by street


For the latest information on the Connecting Cambridgeshire campaign please view  the Superfast Broadband Brief by clicking on the link below:

View the Connecting Cambridgeshire Superfast Broadband Brief 3 (July 2012)