Closure of the A14 at Spaldwick

A14 near SpaldwickPlease find below a notice of closure of the A14 at Spaldwick on 20th December 2013 between 10pm and 5am.

Notice of closure of the A14 at Spaldwick

In answer to my query: Does ‘Local access and emergency services access will be maintained’ mean that anyone wishing to travel to Ellington, Easton and Spaldwick (junction 18) will be allowed access to the westbound A14 at Brampton Hut and at junctions 19 and 20? I got the answer:

“Yes there will be access to Ellington, Easton and Spaldwick. The traffic management being removed is the narrow lanes between the two Spaldwick junctions. Unfortunately, to keep main line traffic off the county roads it is easier to set the closure at Brampton Hut Interchange. Although the notification states it will be until 5 am, we will hope to finish earlier and open the carriageway as soon as safely possible.”

David Stowell

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The date has now changed to 17th January 2014

New! Owing to unforeseen circumstances and the works not being completed, the above closure will be delayed until the new year. The planned date for the closure is now 17 January. Apologies for an inconvenience this has caused.
Kindest regards,
Toni Yendell (Miss)
Customer Communications Coordinator