Fibre Street Cabinets Arrive in Spaldwick and Easton

New fibre street cabinet in Spaldwick

The first phase of the Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband project is now underway, with the the very first street cabinets being installed in the county. The great news is that Spaldwick and Easton have been included in this first phase of fibre street cabinet roll-out.

In the last few days, a new fibre street cabinet was installed in Spaldwick (photo shown above) – near the existing conventional street cabinet, close to the Spaldwick service station. It has the highest capacity of the four types of street cabinet that can be installed, and would be able to support all residents of Spaldwick being able to move to high-speed fibre services over the coming years. View all the Spaldwick photos here.

The nearby village of Easton also has good news, as a new fibre street cabinet was installed yesterday. You can view a video of the installation (produced by Mark Heath) by clicking the play button below. With a maximum capacity of 96 connections, it will also be able to support all Easton residents moving over to high-speed fibre services. View all the Easton photos here.

[responsive_vimeo 166938672]

We will continue to provide updates as we get closer to service launch. In the meantime, please visit our Cambridgeshire Broadband page for information about all superfast broadband developments across Cambridgeshire.