Grafham Gets Superfast Broadband as Superfast Spaldwick Nears

Congratulations to the nearby village of Grafham for being the very first to see superfast fibre broadband switched on as part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project, which is ahead of plan. A special launch party was held in Grafham, and photos and video (below) were taken by Mark Heath.

[responsive_vimeo 80460882]

For full coverage of the event (and all the photos and videos associated with the Connecting Cambridgeshire project in general), please visit Mark’s Connecting Cambridgeshire photo and video site:

Connecting Cambridgeshire photos and videos

While it may be a frustrating wait for faster Internet speeds, the Connecting Cambridgeshire project is gathering momentum, and the very first fibre street cabinets are being installed across the County – ahead of schedule.

Due to engineering considerations, the Buckden exchange (serving surrounding villages including Grafham) has been first to become fibre-enabled. You can follow the progress of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project on the following page:

Spaldwick (connected to the Woolley exchange) is close behind, and has been included in the very first phase of fibre cabinet roll-out in the county. In November, a new fibre street cabinet was installed near the Spaldwick service station. It has the highest capacity of the four types of street cabinet that can be installed, and would be able to support all residents of Spaldwick being able to move to high-speed fibre services over the coming years.

There are still a number of engineering activities required before superfast broadband services go live, including the installation of a cable across the A14, and BT Openreach is generally tight-lipped until just before service activation. We will continue to keep you updated.

With a substantial proportion of the UK still not able to access superfast broadband services, the switch-on will be a major milestone for Spaldwick and the people and businesses based here. Here’s to a much quicker 2014!