New Roof For Spaldwick Church!

After two years to the month, Spaldwick Church has finally managed to raise the £25,000 required to replace the lead stolen from the church roof!

Roof of Spaldwick Church

Instead of using lead, which could be subject to yet another raid, the new covering will be terne coated stainless steel.

The terne coating is to imitate the appearance of lead although the steel itself is not likely to be stolen as there is no market for it. Let’s hope that it does not fool potential thieves into creating damage before they realise what it is.

The only obstacles now are bats and possibly an uplift in the original estimate for the job. The Bat Trust has put limits on when the work can be done (i.e. before 31st October 2013 or after 1st April 2014) unless we can show that the pipestrelle and long-eared bats have left.