Review of the Spaldwick Fete

“The day arrived at last”!

Queen Olivia opens the Spaldwick Fete

“The day arrived at last after hours of planning meetings, phone calls and emails. Everything in place, stalls booked and refreshments purchased. All we needed now was the perfect weather – and we got it! Alleluia. At 7am the school playground begins to get busy and, slowly, the familiar structure of the gazebos start to appear. More importantly, so do the wonderful volunteers who help every year to assemble the layout of this annual event. (We couldn’t do without you!)”

“The sun is getting warmer, the eager stall holders arrive and the volunteers get a tea break for five minutes! A few last alterations to the plans and almost everything is done. Everyone assembles at the entrance as our reigning Queen Olivia wears the crown and gown for the last time and graciously opens the Fete at exactly 11am”

“Five hours seemed to flow by so smoothly and with ease. So much to do and see from golf or archery for the sporty enthusiasts, to the enjoyment of tea and cakes or juicy strawberries and cream for those who just want to chat and catch up with each other.”

“Our new Queen Aine was crowned in the afternoon and wished well by the former Queen. The winners of the Scarecrow competition were announced as the online voting came to an end with marvellous success. Many other winners received prizes or medals for their achievements and also for just “having a go” especially on the Go Karts!”

So there are many people to thank for the success of the Spaldwick Village Fete 2013. Our team of the Spaldwick Social Group of only 15 people who volunteer to organise these events to raise funds for charity and our own community. Our thanks to the stall holders for providing such great activities and items to purchase. Finally, to the 540 people who joined in on the day and maybe also attended our Hog Roast in the evening too! Thank you for coming to the Fete and we hope you enjoyed it too.

There are many photos taken by Mark Heath of the day and you are maybe on one of them! Please visit our web page or the Spaldwick Facebook page and show us which ones you ‘like’ best!

Lucy Frain
Vice Chairperson, Spaldwick Social Group