Spaldwick Flocks Online For the Fete

Cow and maidMany villagers have enjoyed our online coverage of the 2013 Spaldwick Fete.

This year saw the introduction of online voting for the Scarecrow Competition, which went without a hitch.

In total, 114 households voted, representing about half of all premises in Spaldwick, which is a fantastic result.

Next year, we hope that we will achieve closer to 100% when we will hopefully have superfast broadband!

Congratulations to our winner, creating the amazing cow and maid. Scarecrows receiving the greatest number of votes were:

1. Cow and Maid (42%)
2. Bill and Ben (19%)
3. Mole and Poppy (7%)
4. Wimbledon (5%)
5. It’s A Funny Old World (4%)
6. The Wizard Of Oz (4%)
7. Catch Me If You Can (4%)

Our dedicated 2013 Spaldwick Fete page has been visited over 3,000 times! Photos have proved very popular. Photos of scarecrows posted on Facebook (as they appeared) reached over 1,500 people.

Reach of the photographs of the Fete reached over 2,000 people on Facebook. Helped by interest in the Fete, the Spaldwick Facebook page now has 116 likes and there are now over 200 people subscribed to email alerts.