Superfast Broadband in 2014 as Part of Phase 2 Roll-Out

Connecting Cambridgeshire is now well into the detailed planning phase for superfast broadband across Cambridgeshire, and has now released details of seven phases for actual deployment.

Spaldwick and Easton (which are connected to the Woolley exchange) are now officially part of the second phase of the roll-out.

Ellington and Stow Longa will have longer to wait and are expected to receive fibre broadband by March 2015 and December 2015, respectively.

Based on current BT Openreach estimates, Spaldwick can expect fibre broadband going live at around the date of the 2014 Spaldwick Fete! It may be a few weeks before or a few weeks after the Fete since it is not possible to provide an exact timescale since this will depend on the outcome of further surveys and more detailed planning. For the very latest expected timescales from BT Openreach, you can visit this dedicated page on the Connecting Cambridgeshire website:

Connecting Cambridgeshire area checker for Spaldwick

We are independently tracking the progress of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project as a whole, and you can follow progress on the following page:

Superfast broadband in Cambridgeshire

For some villagers, this may seem a frustrating wait, but superfast broadband is on its way, and Spaldwick will be one of the very first rural villages in Cambridgeshire (and the UK) to benefit!