Review of Interior Design Meetings at The George

Yasmin ChopinInterior designer Yasmin Chopin would like to thank everyone who attended her four free interior design meetings at The George during March 2013.

Yasmin says, “Interiors enthusiasts came from far and wide (including Wellingborough and Peterborough) and many people came to more than one meeting.”

Here are just some of the subjects touched upon:

  • carpets, curtains, blinds and lighting
  • room layouts and flexible furniture
  • being brave with colour and understanding neutrals
  • the best colours to use in a kitchen
  • how to deal with a dark hallway
  • using texture to create interest
  • where to buy interesting accessories
  • using eco-friendly materials
  • building your own home
  • space-saving ideas

A number of people had never been to The George before although many had passed it on their way through the village. “It was a real hit so I am sure our local will enjoy new business as a result”, Yasmin said.

After the meetings, Yasmin conducted a short survey and, without exception, everyone enjoyed the chat and would like to do it again. She received a request to run some sessions during the morning for people who couldn’t get away in the evening so she would welcome more comments on this. To contact Yasmin, and to get on the list for her Talking Interiors newsletter, email