Not Just Single Scarecrows but Amazing Scenes too!

Some amazing scarecrows have appeared in Spaldwick, all focused on Spaldwick’s rich wartime history.

At Hazel Cottage, we do not just have one scarecrow. We have a complete battle scene!! Two soliders are hiding behind the wall, next to a MASSIVE tank. You really do need to visit this in person! In front of the exhibit is the book Private Pinkerton, Millionaire, written by Harold Ashton (who lived in Spaldwick and was a War Correspondent of The Daily News during the First World War).

Spaldwick battle scene


Tank in Spaldwick

At The Gables (18 High Street), we have two evacuees named Chloe and Jacob. Children were evacuated to Spaldwick in the Second World War. For example, Sylvia Black remembers being evacuated to Spaldwick at the tender age of five, back in September 1940. She said, “I can remember arriving at Huntingdon Station in my navy blue coat, with my little name tag and my gas mask, and then being taken to The Gables where my new guardian Winnie Woodham (Auntie Winnn) worked.” “I then remember standing in front of the pantry door, reaching for the latch because I wanted to try and get home”, she added. “I missed my mum and dad of course, but after a while I settled in very well. I had a lovely family and I was spoiled rotten – with books and all kinds of things.”

Evacuees in Spaldwick

On the Village Green, we have the Vicar of Spaldwick during World War II – Revd Mend – with his wife Mrs Mend.

Make do and mend

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Photos of 2014 Spaldwick Scarecrows