Superfast Fibre Broadband Is Imminent!

woolley-fibreActivities associated with the installation of superfast broadband in the local area have sprung into life!

The very final stages of work have now commenced to bring fibre broadband to the villages currently served by the Woolley exchange. Spaldwick – along with Easton, Barham, Alconbury and Alconbury Weston – are included within Phase 2 of the seven-phase Connecting Cambridgeshire project. This means that they will go live between June and September 2014.

In the last two weeks, teams of Openreach engineers have been working locally to install fibre between fibre nodes (situated on the A14 and near the Woolley exchange) and local fibre street cabinets. All fibre street cabinets are in place.

The new fibre street cabinets in Spaldwick and surrounding villages are actually being fed from the Huntingdon exchange rather than the local Woolley exchange.

The photo shows an engineer connecting a fibre cable from the new Easton fibre cabinet to the main fibre spine cable on the A14 (coming from the Huntingdon exchange).

Next week, you may see Openreach working to lay a fibre cable along Woolley Hill – to connect the fibre node on the A14 to the node outside the Woolley exchange.

It is always difficult to predict timescales due to issues that can arise (such as collapsed ducts), so please keep checking back for information.

Update! (17 June). Fibre was blown into the Spaldwick fibre cabinet today.

Update! (18 June). The Spaldwick fibre cabinet was officially commissioned today and is now switched on (so you can hear it humming). The fibre cabinet is connected to the main Huntingdon exchange.

Update! (24 June). Superfast broadband has now gone live in Spaldwick, and can be ordered.

We are providing information about superfast broadband in Spaldwick on the following page: