Huge Response on Spaldwick History

Tornado havoc in Spaldwick

Thank you for the huge response to the village’s new history project. This month, Stuart Dixon has been busy working with the Norris Museum in St Ives and carrying out interviews with Spaldwick residents. Mark Heath has presented to the Welcome Club about the project and has been busy collecting and scanning images.

We now have over 200 images, and the Spaldwick Archive is set to expand massively over the coming months, in preparation for the Spaldwick Fete.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, including The Norris Museum, University of Kent Special Collections, Julia Rutherford, Elizabeth Smith, Edie Adams, John Blatch, Chris Saynor, Rosemary Good and Vicky Wakefield.

It has been a fascinating month of discoveries – with photos of all three of the pubs in Spaldwick, many windmill images and a photograph of the devastation caused by a tornado in the village (see the photo above, kindly provided by Elizabeth Smith).

Please visit our image collection at:

Please, please, please keep your contributions coming – whether they are photos or memories of Spaldwick. Please talk to Stuart Dixon, Mark Heath or email