100 Years of Spaldwick, and We Need Your Help!

Old photo of Spaldwick

World War 1 began in 1914  Р100 years ago this year. During this time, Spaldwick has undergone many changes with significant contrasts, from the start of the First World War to the (forthcoming) modern day introduction of superfast fibre broadband. Throughout the years, many people have lived and worked (in a range of occupations) in the village.

The photo above shows Walton House when it was the village Post Office and a shop. Previously, it was the Bell Inn (and before that the Blue Bell Inn) as described in our new History of The George and other Spaldwick inns page.

The Spaldwick website in collaboration with clubs and groups within the village are marking this important year with a range of special events and information to share Spaldwick’s rich history with others. Here’s what’s planned already, with even more to come!

Spaldwick Gardening Club is holding its 2014 Open Gardens event on Sunday 22nd June from 12 noon to 5pm. In addition to having lovely gardens to visit, St James Church will be holding a special flower festival themed around 100 years of Spaldwick history. For more information, visit our Open Gardens 2014 page.

The annual Spaldwick Scarecrow Competition will be taking place at the end of June, and the special theme for this year’s competition is ‘100 years of Spaldwick’. As there have been so many developments and events over 100 years, the theme should provide you with lots of ideas! You’ll have your chance to vote on your favourite (historical) scarecrow with our online voting.

Spaldwick Social Group is holding the 2014 Spaldwick Fete on Saturday 12th July, and through the many events, stalls and activities throughout the Fete, the village will be remembering and celebrating its interesting history.

With the support of Stuart Dixon, Spaldwick Welcome Club and many other residents, and helped by local museums and libraries, the Spaldwick website will be providing lots of information on the history of Spaldwick (illustrated with photographs, drawings and videos). In particular, a timeline will be developed throughout the year, identifying key developments and events for each of the 100 years.

All our material  Рas well as information on Spaldwick from 1000BC Рwill be published on the following page, so please keep checking back for developments:

The History of Spaldwick


We need your help!

Many villagers have lived in Spaldwick for many years, with memories and photographs of Spaldwick in the past. We would love to hear from you so that this information can be permanently recorded, and shared with other residents now and in years to come. Please get in touch with Stuart Dixon or Mark Heath, or email info@spaldwick.com.