Your Opportunity to Suggest an Improvement For the Village

Local Highway Improvement Initiative 2015/16

logoSpaldwick Parish Council has been invited to submit a proposal for funding from the Cambridgeshire County Council Local Highway Improvement (LHI) Initiative in 2015/16.

Schemes will be jointly funded with up to £10,000 contributed by the County Council and at least 10% of the scheme cost by the Parish Council. Projects could involve any highway measure or improvement that is considered to offer benefit to the local community and could include minor improvements for as little as £500.

Applications will be assessed by a panel comprised of local County Councillors from within each district council area, who will prioritise proposals based on the information provided. Panels will score each of the proposals received against the following aims of the LHI initiative:

  • Persistent problems – the degree to which ongoing difficulties are addressed
  • Road safety – the degree to which a proposal could reduce hazards or improve road safety
  • Community improvement (social or economic) – the degree to which a proposal addresses something felt to be very important locally.

Those with marks above the cut-off level determined by the total budget available will be taken forward.

To enable the Parish Council to prepare a scheme that reflects the views of the public, residents are invited to submit suggestions to the Parish Clerk, David Stowell, by Friday July 11th 2014. Please email

Should your suggestion be considered feasible, you may be asked to work with the Council to prepare a scheme for submission to the panel.