More Scarecrows Appear

Several more scarecrows have now appeared in Spaldwick, in anticipation of the beginning on online voting on Sunday. With a very topical theme, we have Maillot Jaune (French for “yellow jersey”) at 4 Ivy Way.


With a Spaldwick history theme, we have a Spaldwick cricketer at 20 Burton Way. Spaldwick used to have a cricket team, and you can view old photos of the cricket team here and here.

Spaldwick cricketer

Outside Number 12 – Spaldwick’s shop and deli – we have Mr Pack sat on the bench, with the inscription, “Mr Pack – Remembering the days when he was the shopkeeper…Now the last standing shop in the High Street”.

Mr Pack the Spaldwick shop keeper

Finally, we have The Queen in Littlecotes Close. Spaldwick residents have always been very active in celebrating royal occasions. Electricity finally arrived in Spaldwick in 1953 to enable residents to watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on television. Silver Jubilee celebrations with street parties were held in June 1977. More recently – in June 2012 – we had celebrations in Spaldwick for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. You can view the photos by clicking on the link below:

Photos of Spaldwick celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Queen in Spaldwick

You can view photos of all the Spaldwick scarecrows in high resolution by clicking on the following page:

Photos of the 2014 Spaldwick scarecrows


If the photos on this page are slow to load, then you need superfast broadband, which is now available in Spaldwick. For more information, visit:

Broadband in Spaldwick