Most Households in Spaldwick Subscribe to Superfast Broadband

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We are pleased to report that take-up of superfast broadband in Spaldwick is continuing to increase. The majority of households in the village now subscribe to superfast broadband services, with nearly 140 households connected! Despite only launching less than four months ago, take-up is nearly four times the national take-up of premises using  BT’s fibre broadband network (15%). In the words of Prime Minister David Cameron, “Spaldwick is one of the best connected communities in the UK”.

Spaldwick is in the Financial Times

Today, Spaldwick hit the news again, in an article in the Financial Times. The article discusses how the village of Spaldwick “has shown how enthusiasm by locals is key to the adoption of the internet in rural areas.” You can view the FT article by clicking on the following link:

Financial Times: Government Promotes UK’s Fast Rural Broadband Scheme

Feedback from Brian Meyer

Feedback from villagers who have moved across has been very positive, as you can see from our Feedback from villagers page.

In the last few days, Brian Meyer kindly emailed us about his experiences before and after the move to superfast broadband.

“Before my upgrade to superfast broadband (now with 70 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up), I only had around 2 Mbps down and 512 kbps up.

Sometimes I work from home for business, which involves connecting to my company’s LAN to access virtual desktops. Trying to complete company work over a 2 Mbps connection was extremely difficult. I struggled to work on the collaborative projects I was assigned to and had to work late into the evening in my office away from home, when I could have been working at home around the family.

Our house has three smartphones, three tablets, four laptops, a desktop computer, a VOIP phone and three streaming media boxes connected to the TV. With all these devices trying to share 2 Mbps, my broadband connection simple wasn’t enough. I have many children in the house who rely on streamed video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

With many of my family in the USA, we have a VoIP phone. However, people in the house would have to pause what they were doing so I could make a call to the States. Also, when I was working on finishing my bachelor’s degree and needed the bandwidth, I would have to cut the kids off at night with their Internet.

I am the ‘go to’ person in the family when it comes to technical support. Two sets of grandparents and my parents rely on me to remotely connect to their computers and help fix them when they break. With the slower connection, this was pretty much impossible and they ended up paying a lot of money at computer stores when I could have easily saved them the cost if I had had faster Internet sooner.

With my newfound speeds, my younger kids can now stream video on all their tablets and TV. The older kids can Skype and Facetime their friends. My wife can be on the VOIP phone back to family in the States and I can be working on projects in my home office. All these functions can happen at the same time now!”

If you haven’t yet made the move to superfast broadband, please click on our questions and answers page below for more information:

Superfast fibre broadband questions and answers

Having problems with superfast broadband?

If you have moved over to superfast broadband and the service isn’t as good as you expected (or is even worse than before), then please do email Mark Heath at Several people in the village have had initial niggles, mainly as a result of the set-up of their router or due to a faulty router. For example, with so many villagers now using WiFi, the airwaves can be crowded in certain areas of the village causing dramatic fluctuations in speed and performance.

The good news is that the vast majority of issues are easy to sort out (for example, just simply changing the WiFi channel) and will not require an engineer visit. So, please don’t suffer in silence, and have a chat with Mark. He is happy to come round to identify the problem. This is the benefit of having a Broadband Champion in the village, so please use him!

New! Mark has now written a guide on optimising your WiFi. To view, click on the following:

WiFi Optimisation – a guide to optimise your WiFi network