Poppy and Rose Hunter are Baptised in Spaldwick Church

Baptism of Poppy and Rose

On Sunday, a special baptism service was held at Spaldwick Church to baptise Poppy and Rose Hunter, which was led by Jonathan Young. The photo above shows the godparents of Poppy and Rose.

Lisa Hunter said, “We had a wonderful service on a very special day, and we were surrounded by our lovely friends and family, many of which had travelled a long way to share the day with us…from Brighton, Scotland and Belfast!”. “The girls’ godparents were there to support them and good luck to them in their quest to ensure our cheeky little Hunters grow up to be fine, well rounded young women!”, she added. “Our love and thanks also go to Jonathan who conducted the service with humour and thought, and thanks to everyone who came and helped make the day truly memorable.”