Spaldwick Scarecrow Competition Starts on 29th June 2014

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Above is a video from Lucy Frain, the new Chair of the Spaldwick Social Group, introducing this year’s Scarecrow Competition! Click on the video to view it. If the video stutters, you can deselect the HD option.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, and we would love to see a record number of scarecrows this year on display throughput the village. So please join in! Below are members of the Spaldwick Social Group putting up the advertising boards, which are displayed prominently throughout the village.

Spaldwick scarecrow advertising

You can put your scarecrow up from 29th June. To enter the competition, please email Please let us know when your scarecrow is ready, as we’ll make sure we take a photo for the website and Facebook.

As last year, the competition will be decided by online voting – here on the Spaldwick website! Online voting commences on Sunday 6th July at 6pm, and the winner with be announced at the Spaldwick Fete on Saturday 12th July 2014.

There is a theme for this year – ‘100 years of Spaldwick’ – which should give you lots of ideas. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea, have a look at our dedicated page:

If you’ve never made a scarecrow before, here is a link to a website that may help:


Please give it a go and good luck! You could win first prize.