Scarecrow Voting Off to a Rapid Start

Online voting for the 2014 Spaldwick Scarecrow competition has now got underway. Online voting commenced at 6pm yesterday (Sunday 6th July), with a huge amount of traffic registered on the Spaldwick website in the following few hours. Within three hours, there had already been nearly 50 votes!!

If you haven’t voted, then please do so by visiting the following page:

Voting for the 2014 Spaldwick Scarecrow competition

Please encourage your friends and family to vote too! Voting will end just before the results of the voting are announced at the Spaldwick Fete next Saturday!

Below are photographs of some of the scarecrows that appeared over the weekend. Sorry if you didn’t get your scarecrow out in time for the start of the voting (as there is nothing we can do once the voting system is in operation). Rest assured that we will post photos of ALL the scarecrows online.

The title of the scarecrow below is a well known coal miners’ phrase. History records state that there was a charity known as the Charity of Ann Horsford. This charity consist of a gift of £100 by the two daughters of Mrs Ann Cooper for the benefit of the poor of Spaldwick. The endowment now consists of £98 War Stock with the Official Trustees, the dividends on which are distributed in coal to the poor.

Coal miner

At The Maples on Stow Road, we have a Chelsea Pensioner. Creator Trevor says, “An old chap seems to have taken up residence outside 37 Stow Road”. “Do I move him on????”

Chelsea pensioner

On Stow Road, W G Grace comes to Spaldwick. You need to see the scarecrow in person to appreciate the cricket ball hanging from the tree above.

W G Grace scarecrow

Opposite W G Grace on Stow Road, we have a school child.

School child scarceow