All Quiet On the Superfast Broadband Front

It’s been some time since I provided an update on superfast broadband in Spaldwick. The installation of a new fibre broadband street cabinet back in November 2013 was a very promising sign and I hoped that this indicated that the formal switch-on timescales for Spaldwick (June – September 2014) could be brought forward. Sadly, the street cabinet installation in Spaldwick now seems a distant memory, and we are still waiting for news on superfast broadband.

There is currently very little specific information to report. Some areas have been lucky in having their timescales moved forward, including Hilton and Papworth Everard. Sadly, it now looks unlikely that Spaldwick will be as lucky, probably due to technical challenges with laying fibre along and across the A14. currently indicates that BT plans to lay fibre cable between the A14 Woolley Hill junction and the Woolley exchange between 16th June and 27th June (delayed from late May/early June). This will connect to the existing cable that has already been laid from the Spaldwick street cabinet across the A14 reported in January.

I won’t pretend that I don’t feel somewhat disappointed. Spaldwick achieved a high number of registrations (thanks to your support) and the Woolley exchange achieved one of the highest numbers of registrations of all exchanges, thanks to the support from people in Alconbury and Alconbury Weston.

The map below shows the location of live street cabinets (shown in green) taken from the Connecting Cambridgeshire website today, with cabinets coming soon shown in white.

Connecting Cambridgeshire roll-out

Rest assured that I will report any news as soon as I hear it.

Mark (Broadband Champion)