Superfast Broadband Take-up in Spaldwick Exceeds 30% in Two Weeks!

Openreach engineers

Following the launch of superfast broadband in Spaldwick, we are closely monitoring the take-up of the service. The take-up of fibre broadband so far has been absolutely incredible. Spaldwick has been full of Openreach and contractor vehicles and engineers, undertaking installations. Sometimes, there have been four vans at a time at the street cabinet.

The very first installation in Spaldwick took place on 1st July 2014, on port 1. Ports are allocated in order and the street cabinet currently has a capacity of 100 ports. This morning, port 76 was connected! This means that superfast broadband penetration has exceeded 30% of Spaldwick households in less than two weeks since installations began!

If you have not yet ordered fibre broadband, we recommend that you do so quickly to avoid capacity issues at the cabinet, which may delay installation dates. Banish super-slow Internet forever.

Feedback from early adopters has been extremely positive. You can track the progress of superfast broadband in Spaldwick (and view early feedback) by visiting our dedicated page:

Broadband in Spaldwick


We have developed answers to many popular questions raised by Spaldwick residents about fibre broadband, which you can view here:

Questions and answers about superfast broadband in Spaldwick