Spaldwick Shop and Deli Has Closed

Here is a message from Darrell and Maud Haylett:

Unfortunately, after almost five years, we have closed the village shop and deli to continue and focus more on our ever-expanding catering business.

In the last year, since the opening of a supermarket in Kimbolton, our footfall has plummeted and the shop is therefore no longer a viable business for us.

We would like to offer a huge thank you to those loyal to us over the years and are sorry to see it go.

We feel really settled here and our plan is to continue living and working from the premises, attending more street food events, shows, and festivals. Also, we plan to increase our production of jams, chutneys, ice creams and chocolates in between our events and supply these products on a wholesale basis as well as some select farmers markets.

Overall this has been a fantastic experience and has opened new doors full of great opportunities, and we now look forward to a solid four months of bookings. It’s going to be a busy summer for us!

– Maud & Darrell


This is a real shame. According to Darrell, the opening of Budgens in Kimbolton resulted in a reduction in footfall “by more than half”, meaning that practically they had been running the shop on a voluntary basis for the last year. With a new community shop started in Grafham, it will be interesting to see if a community shop could work in Spaldwick for the future.


Closure of Spaldwick Shop