Mike Baker Falls to Spaldwick’s Jim White

election in spaldwick

The results for the Ellington Ward for the District Council election have just been announced. Results are:

WHITE Jim (Conservative) 964 votes (50.2% share)

BAKER Michael George (Liberal Democrats) 618 votes (32.2% share)

MONK Andy (UKIP) 221 votes (11.5% share)

GODDARD Kevin Roy (Labour) 111 votes (5.8% share)

The total votes cast were 1,919 with a turnout of 79%.

Conservative candidates took 16 out of the 18 seats being contested for Huntingdonshire District Council. Mike Baker, who lives in Easton, was the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group and had been Ward Councillor for Ellington since 1999.


The results for the Parliamentary constituency of Cambridgeshire North West are:

VARA Shailesh (Conservative) 32,070 votes (52.5% share)

REEVE Peter (UKIP) 12,275 votes (20.1% share)

THULBOURNE Nick (Labour) 10,927 votes  (17.9% share)

SANDFORD Nick (Liberal Democrats) 3,479 votes (5.7% share)

DAY Nicola (Green Party) 2,159 votes (3.5% share)

BELHAM Fay (Christian Peoples Alliance) 190 votes (0.3% share)