Spaldwick Santa Says Happy Christmas

Christmas in Spaldwick

The streets of Spaldwick were once again crowded to greet the arrival of Santa to Spaldwick, with a record-breaking distribution of presents to homes across the village. 80 presents in total were presented! The photos taken by Mark Heath show the amazed faces of children receiving their gifts.

You can view and download (in high resolution) all the photos taken on the following site:

Mark Heath Photography

Santa also distributed 28 boxes of biscuits to older residents in the village.

Boy receiving present

Many people gathered around the refreshment stalls set up by Playtimes, as villagers enjoyed a warm glass of mulled wine or steaming hot chocolate as they awaited Santa in his sleigh.

The George in Spaldwick

Back at The George, a group of children had gathered to see Santa arrive with a sack of presents, which he distributed inside.

Distribution of presents at The George

Staff at The George provided a warm welcome to everyone, with mince pies and mulled wine. Then, it was time for carol singing, beautifully accompanied by Angie, Mark and Mark.

Alison Ainsworth of the Spaldwick Social Group then thanked everyone for making the event such a success.

Elves and Santa

Thank you all for supporting and enjoying the afternoon and evening. Thanks to all the elves, especially new recruit elf Charlotte Irwin, who certainly earned her bells. Thanks to our sleigh guides John Blatch and Stuart Ainsworth, and to Susie and Tony  – ‘Mr and Mrs Reindeer’ – for providing Santa’s transport. Thank you to our Christmas band – Mark Sturdy, Mark Hunter and their angel Angie Collins. Thanks also to Steve and all the staff at The George.

A total of £246 was collected in the buckets. A special thank you also goes to Santa for lighting up the faces of all the children. Good luck tonight Santa. You’ve got a busy night ahead!

Finally, we would like to wish you all a happy Christmas from the Spaldwick website. We do hope that we’ve helped keep you up-to-date with village developments and thank you for your continued support.

Mark and Rebecca Heath