Introducing a New Lineup for the Spaldwick Parish Council

On 7th May 2015, an uncontested Parish Council election resulted in two new Councillors joining the existing five: Sharan Jackson-Rimmer (Speedwatch co-ordinator); Richard Johnson (tree warden); Greg Rice (Playground inspection); Graham Smith (finance monitoring) and Shonah Wakefield (protected verge monitor and War Memorial Working Group), and the Clerk David Stowell.

The two new Councillors are Steve Fane de Salis (Chairman) and Mike Robinson (Vice Chairman and Representative to the Village Hall Management Committee).

Steve Fane de Salis (shown below) and his wife Denise have lived in Spaldwick for three years, having bought Hazel Cottage in Thrapston Road as a restoration project. After a 30 year career with Norfolk Constabulary, spending the majority of that time as a motorcyclist and the last six years as an Advanced Motorcyle Instructor, he “needed something to keep him busy”. Due to the fantastic community spirit in Spaldwick he is looking forward to helping sustain this for the future.

Steve Fane-de-Salis

Mike Robinson (shown below) has lived in Spaldwick for 27 years and retired in 2013, after working for 52 years as a quantity surveyor in the construction industry. His many years of business experience will be of invaluable assistance to the Parish Council.

Mike Robinson


We wish all our Councillors well with their duties, and look forward to providing regular updates on the activities of the Spaldwick Parish Council.