Scarecrow Competition Gets Underway


Latest! Online voting has been cancelled and this year the Scarecrow Competition will be judged on Friday 10th July to give you more time to exhibit a scarecrow.

As Spaldwick swelters, the 2015 Spaldwick Scarecrow Competition is now underway, with some excellent entries already appearing in the village. This year, we have a UK-USA theme, although you can put up any scarecrow you like!

You can view photos of all the entries by clicking on the following page, which will be updated regularly:

Photos of 2015 Spaldwick Scarecrows

When you have displayed your scarecrow, please alert the Spaldwick Social Group by emailing social

Please note that, to allow more time for villagers to display their scarecrows, online voting has been cancelled this year. Judging takes place on Friday 10th July, so please do join in! You could win the prize.