Stuart Dixon Publishes History of Manor Farm

Manor Farm in Spaldwick

Spaldwick resident and local history enthusiast Stuart Dixon has produced a document on the history of Manor Farm in the village to coincide with its restoration. We will be bringing the latest photos of its restoration shortly! You can view the document (in PDF format) by clicking on the image below, or the following link:

Manor Farm Spaldwick: A Background and Short History by Stuart Dixon

Major Farm history

Stuart DixonStuart said, “I was not interested in history at school. It was only when I begrudgingly accompanied my sister to an evening class in the 70s about the history of Blackpool, where we lived, that sparked my interest in local history. History suddenly seemed more relevant than when I was at school.”

“Over time, I collected a lot of information from various sources – pre-Internet, pre-computers – with the grandiose intentions of writing a book about Blackpool, which I never did! Some years later, and with my added interest in genealogy and family history, I set about researching the history of my house. I  produced a booklet about it, which was well received by our buyers.”

“Immediately after moving to Spaldwick, five years ago, I became fascinated by all the old buildings. I was surprised to find that there was very little in the way of accumulated knowledge about the history of the village.”

“A walk down the High Street never ceases to stir my imagination with all that has passed: all the people who have lived and worked here, the clatter of horses and wagons, the militia lined up ready to fight the Spanish Armada, Cromwell’s troops garrisoned in the church, telegram boys delivering news during World War I, the comings and goings at The George, children playing in the street and garden parties at the Vicarage. Make your own list next time you are out and about in the village!”