Spaldwick Continues in National Superfast Broadband Spotlight

Today Ed Vaizey announced that the Government’s broadband rollout has passed two million premises meaning that superfast broadband is now available to 80% of UK premises. Spaldwick residents have taken centre stage nationally in promoting the social and business benefits of superfast broadband. The difference that high-speed fibre broadband is making has been demonstrated in a series of short videos filmed in Spaldwick, which has seen record take-up since going live in July 2014. Already, most villagers subscribe to fibre broadband.

These videos are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the amount of video material recorded in Spaldwick. This material will be used in a major awareness building campaign scheduled for spring 2015.

It’s nice to see that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has opted to use real people telling their story rather than actors. Well done to Mark, Lisa, Darrell, Eddie and Anita!

BBC Radio CambridgeshireYou can listen to a discussion about superfast broadband in Cambridgeshire broadcast on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning. On the programme, Mark Heath discussed the impact of superfast broadband in Spaldwick.

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Superfast broadband is helping to drive sales for Creative Team Events – an international team building events company. Mark and Lisa Hunter founded the business 17 years ago and run it from their home in Spaldwick and offices in nearby Ellington, which allows them to share childcare of their young family.

The company is embracing the technical possibilities from superfast broadband to showcase the company’s creative approach to corporate team building events, and has been developing video content to differentiate itself from a raft of global competitors.

Mark Hunter said, “The number of enquiries from the website during January was double the previous year, and we’re regularly getting positive feedback about our website. Recently, a client confided in me that the reason we were chosen against our many competitors was the quality of a video we had produced.”

He said, “Our website is enabling us to reach a global audience, and we are now delivering events worldwide, in places such as Dubai, Texas and Beijing”.

Darrell and Maud Haylett – who run the village shop and deli – have been keen to seize the opportunities from superfast broadband. In the video, below, Darrell describes the impact of superfast broadband.

Retired couple Eddie and Anita has been married for over 40 years. Superfast broadband enables  them to communicate by video telephony with members of their family in Australia, New Zealand, America and France. Eddie encourages everyone to go for superfast broadband. He says superfast broadband “opens up the whole world”.

Anita and Eddie use superfast broadband for shopping and connecting online to their doctor’s surgery to arrange appointments and order prescriptions. Eddie is a fan of the BBC iPlayer, which he can now view without buffering!

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