Uncontested Election of Spaldwick Parish Council

Huntingdonshire District Council has announced on its website an¬†uncontested election for the Spaldwick Parish Council, as there were seven names put forward (for the seven seats available) . Therefore, the following people are “duly elected” as Parish Councillors in Spaldwick:

Steve FANE DE SALIS (Hazel Cottage, 18 Thrapston Road)

Sharan JACKSON-RIMMER (7 Littlecotes Close)

Richard JOHNSON (41 Stow Road)

Greg RICE (14 Ivy Way)

Mike ROBINSON (27 Thrapston Road)

Graham Sidney SMITH (Spen House, 3 Stow Road)

Shona Louise WAKEFIELD (36 Ferriman Road)


We welcome new Councillors Steve Fane De Salis and Mike Robinson and wish Grahame Leach and Bernard Plummer well, who did not stand for election this time.