Village Hall Developments – EGM on the 9th February

Spaldwick school

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Here is a message from Grahame Leach regarding the Village Hall in Spaldwick:

”We have now decided as a result of recent discussions within the Spaldwick Village Hall Committee to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on the Monday 9th February 2015 in the Spaldwick School Hall (starting at 7.30pm) to appoint new officers of the Spaldwick Village Hall Committee.”

“This event has also been announced to the Parish Council and I have produced a Parish Notice to inform every household of this event.”

To view or download the Parish Notice in PDF format click on the following link:

Parish Notice


“I have also produced a Nomination Form, which can be downloaded by clicking on the following link”:

Nomination Form


“The document below is the most important and that is the Trust Deed for the Village Hall, which was created in 1980 and clearly outlines the rules that this future Committee and its members must follow.”

Trust Deed for the Village Hall


“I would like any persons who wish to apply for nomination to look at this document for further guidance. We are very much hoping that we have nominees who represent possible “User Groups” like the Welcome Club, the School and its Governers, the PCC representing the Church, the Bowling Club, the Escape Group or any other body that wants to be involved. This does not rule out individuals who may also have an interest in serving on this Committee.”

“I have been asked to Chair this EGM, which will appoint the Committee. This EGM will be just an announcement of names if we have the exact number of nominees required. If the list is greater than the number we require, membership of the Committee will be decided from voting within the Spaldwick School Hall by those attending this meeting.”

“We will provide Voting Forms showing all the nominees within the Hall for that purpose. We will announce the result on the same evening and independent tellers, who have not been nominated, will count any Voting forms.”

Grahame Leach