Who is Standing For Election?

Polling station

There are two elections occurring on Thursday 7th May 2015, between 7am and 10pm. As described in our previous post Uncontested Election of Spaldwick Parish Council, voting will not occur on the 7th May for the Parish Council.


Election of a Member of Parliament

There is the election of a Member of Parliament for the North West Cambridgeshire Constituency. The following persons have been nominated for election in 2015:

Fay Patricia BELHAM (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Nicola DAY (Green Party)

Peter David REEVE (UK Independence Party – UKIP)

Nick SANDFORD (Liberal Democrats)

Nick THULBOURN (Labour Party)

Shailesh Lakhman VARA (Conservative Party)

In the 2010 General Election, Shailesh Vara was elected with 50.5% of the vote. Kevin Wilkins (Liberal Democrats), Chris York (Labour) and Robert Brown (UKIP) received 21.9%, 16.9% and 8.3% of the vote, respectively.


Election of a District Councillor

There is also the election of a District Councillor for the ward of Ellington for Huntingdonshire District Council. The following persons have been nominated:

Michael George BAKER (Liberal Democrat)

Kevin Roy GODDARD (Labour Party)

Andy MONK (UK Independence Party)

Jim WHITE (Conservative Party)

In the District Council elections in May 2011, Mike Baker (Liberal Democrat) was elected with 755 votes (53.0% of the vote). James Bevan (Conservative) and Kevin Goddard (Labour) received 39.5% and 7.2% of the vote, respectively.

We will bring you the results of the election as soon as they are available.