Spaldwick website news alert email service discontinued

The email news alert service on the Spaldwick website has now been discontinued. Up to now, we have been delivering separate news alerts via both email and Facebook. In order to make the process of delivering up-to-date news to Spaldwick residents as efficient and as comprehensive as possible, news alerts will now only be provided via Facebook.

To be up-to-date with news, you can regularly visit the following site:

Spaldwick Village Facebook Page

Don’t forget to like the page to receive news updates in your personal Facebook feeds.

For those who do not use Facebook, you’ll be able to view the latest news items on the front page of the Spaldwick website:

Spaldwick website front page

This new process allows news alerts and photos to be directly provided by different groups and people across Spaldwick. Over the coming weeks, new editors will be recruited from across the village to provide comprehensive news from different groups.

We thank Lisa Hunter for providing the recent news and photos of the Spaldwick Fete.