Come and Hear Proposals for the Spaldwick Service Station

Applegreen UK – owners of the Spaldwick Service Station – would like to invite you to a community meeting where Managing Director Michael O’Loughlin will present Applegreen’s proposals for the future development of the service station. The meeting will be held at the Community Room in Spaldwick School on Monday 16th November at 7.30pm. We will … Read more

Spaldwick Sign Commemorates the Chandler Brothers

Spaldwick Parish Council recommended that the development of dwellings on Thrapston Road, adjacent to Pound Close, be named Chandlers – to commemorate the untimely deaths of two brothers from Spaldwick, who gave their lives during the First World War 1914-1918. The proposal was put forward by Cllr Richard Johnson, who ultimately paid for the sign to be … Read more

Introducing a New Lineup for the Spaldwick Parish Council

On 7th May 2015, an uncontested Parish Council election resulted in two new Councillors joining the existing five: Sharan Jackson-Rimmer (Speedwatch co-ordinator); Richard Johnson (tree warden); Greg Rice (Playground inspection); Graham Smith (finance monitoring) and Shonah Wakefield (protected verge monitor and War Memorial Working Group), and the Clerk David Stowell. The two new Councillors are … Read more

2015 Spaldwick Fete Attracts More Than 650 People – Its Highest Ever Attendance

New! Read the review of the Spaldwick Fete by the Social Group Despite a slow start to the 2015 Spaldwick Fete, the crowds swelled in the afternoon, with 653 people attending the event – an incredible number and just beating last year’s total of 650. In 2013, there were 540 visitors. New activities – such … Read more

Pudding Club on Sunday 19th April 2015

Back by popular demand, please come along to the Pudding Club, which takes place on Sunday 19th April between 2pm and 4pm in Spaldwick Church. The photos show some of the amazing puddings offered last year. Please come along and enjoy a delicious pudding or two, or even three or more! This year, the event … Read more

New Village Hall Information Page Launched

Spaldwick village hall sign

A new page has been launched on the Spaldwick website that provides updated information on the Village Hall project. The page contains all the minutes of the meetings held by the number Village Hall Management Committee, and you can visit it by clicking on the following link:

Spaldwick Continues in National Superfast Broadband Spotlight

Today Ed Vaizey announced that the Government’s broadband rollout has passed two million premises meaning that superfast broadband is now available to 80% of UK premises. Spaldwick residents have taken centre stage nationally in promoting the social and business benefits of superfast broadband. The difference that high-speed fibre broadband is making has been demonstrated in … Read more

Spaldwick Villagers Flock to See Father Christmas

Spaldwick villagers flocked to see Santa travelling around Spaldwick to give out presents to young children and chocolates to older residents. You can view all the photos taken by Mark Heath in high resolution by clicking on the following link: Photos of Santa visiting Spaldwick The streets of Spaldwick were crowded, and we have never … Read more

Carol Party on Tuesday 23rd December

Christmas celebrations got off to a great start in Spaldwick yesterday, as shown in the photo above. Yesterday, Santa made his annual visit to the village, helped by his elves. Santa was extremely busy, with an amazing 81 presents distributed to children (more than double last year) as he passed through the village and at … Read more

Father Christmas Comes to Spaldwick on Sunday

Santa will be travelling around Spaldwick this Sunday – 21st December 2014 – starting at 4pm at Spaldwick School and finishing at The George at 6pm, when there will be carol singing. Please, please, please come out and join in the fun as Santa passes in his sleigh, helped by his elves. Santa will deliver … Read more