Superfast Fibre Broadband Is Imminent!

Activities associated with the installation of superfast broadband in the local area have sprung into life! The very final stages of work have now commenced to bring fibre broadband to the villages currently served by the Woolley exchange. Spaldwick – along with Easton, Barham, Alconbury and Alconbury Weston – are included within Phase 2 of … Read more

All Quiet On the Superfast Broadband Front

It’s been some time since I provided an update on superfast broadband in Spaldwick. The installation of a new fibre broadband street cabinet back in November 2013 was a very promising sign and I hoped that this indicated that the formal switch-on timescales for Spaldwick (June – September 2014) could be brought forward. Sadly, the … Read more

Notice of A14 Roadworks to Lay Fibre Across the A14

A14 near Spaldwick

Readers of our broadband newsfeed will know that a new fibre street cabinet was installed in Spaldwick in November 2013 as part of the first cabinet deployment phase of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project. At the time, we said that there were still a number of engineering activities required before the service goes live. One of … Read more

Grafham Gets Superfast Broadband as Superfast Spaldwick Nears

Image associated with superfast broadband in Cambridgeshire

Congratulations to the nearby village of Grafham for being the very first to see superfast fibre broadband switched on as part of the Connecting Cambridgeshire project, which is ahead of plan. A special launch party was held in Grafham, and photos and video (below) were taken by Mark Heath. [responsive_vimeo 80460882] For full coverage of … Read more

Fibre Street Cabinets Arrive in Spaldwick and Easton

New fibre street cabinet in Spaldwick

The first phase of the Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband project is now underway, with the the very first street cabinets being installed in the county. The great news is that Spaldwick and Easton have been included in this first phase of fibre street cabinet roll-out. In the last few days, a new fibre street cabinet … Read more

Work Starts on Fibre Broadband in Spaldwick

Work got underway today to start the installation of fibre broadband in Spaldwick! John Saynor spotted four vans in Spaldwick all day, and one of the Openreach engineers confirmed the start of the work. The photo (left) shows an Openreach van near the green BT street cabinet. We will continue to bring you news of … Read more

Superfast Broadband in 2014 as Part of Phase 2 Roll-Out

Connecting Cambridgeshire is now well into the detailed planning phase for superfast broadband across Cambridgeshire, and has now released details of seven phases for actual deployment. Spaldwick and Easton (which are connected to the Woolley exchange) are now officially part of the second phase of the roll-out. Ellington and Stow Longa will have longer to … Read more

Superfast Broadband is Getting Closer!

Spotted today by eagle-eyed Jason Pope are new markings for what looks like a new street cabinet for superfast broadband. It’s getting closer! Remember you can read the very latest on superfast broadband in Cambridgeshire on our dedicated Cambridgeshire broadband page. The location is close to the existing street cabinet, which is located close to … Read more

Spaldwick Being Considered For First Phases of Superfast Broadband Roll-Out

Today, the Connecting Cambridgeshire team announced the areas currently being considered to receive fibre broadband in the very first phases of superfast broadband roll-out. Spaldwick is included alongside over 50 rural parishes and urban areas. A high-level map has been released, and this is shown below with a red ‘X’ marking the position of Spaldwick. … Read more

More News on Superfast Broadband in May

A meeting of Broadband Champions from across Cambridgeshire took place in Alconbury Weald, attended by the Connecting Cambridgeshire team and BT. Noelle Godfrey, Connecting Cambridgeshire Programme Director outlined progress. View our Cambridgeshire superfast broadband page for more information on the event. Noelle announced that the team expects to tell Broadband Champions more in May 2013 … Read more