Get the Most From Your Broadband

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity of the broadband guides on this website, we have decided to launch a new site aimed at helping broadband users get the most out of their broadband connection. You can access the new site by clicking on the link below.

Spaldwick to get unbundled broadband services from December 2011

Some excellent news on the broadband front. We understand that TalkTalk plans to launch unbundled broadband services from the Woolley exchange, with a planned launch date of 19th December 2011. This is great news for two reasons: TalkTalk will use the more advanced ADSL2+ technology rather than the older ADSL technology currently used by BT. … Read more

Progress with superfast broadband in rural Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council has recently announced plans for investment in superfast broadband across Cambridgeshire.  Alongside £6.75 million Broadband Delivery UK funding, Cambridgeshire County Council agreed at a cabinet meeting on August 15th 2011 to invest up to £20 million to enable the roll-out of superfast broadband into areas within Cambridgeshire not covered by BT superfast … Read more

Increase broadband speed in Spaldwick

Are you struggling with poor broadband speeds in Spaldwick? There is hope! While it may take many years to bring superfast broadband to Spaldwick, Mark Heath has written a new page on the Spaldwick website to help. He provides some top tips to substantially increase the speed of your broadband connection. View the Increase Broadband … Read more

Superfast broadband in Spaldwick by 2015?

Mark Heath has produced a page on the current state of broadband in Spaldwick. He discusses the current performance that Spaldwick residents get from their broadband services. He outlines what enhancements are expected in both fixed and mobile broadband services in the next few years. He also discusses the latest UK government initiative aimed at … Read more