2012 Easter Fayre

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Fortunately, although a little chilly, the sky remained clear of rain and many villagers came out to visit the 2012 Easter Fayre. The event raised £430 towards the Spaldwick Church restoration fund. Many thanks to all involved!

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Spaldwick Easter Fayre 2012 photographs

There was a busy period between 9am and 10am as people proudly registered their works of art, including flowers, cross stitch, handwriting and cakes. It didn’t take long for Spaldwick Church to fill with displays of people’s efforts.

The Side Chapel became an area where people could have a go at making a bookmark or jewellery, or learn (from our local expert, Bunta) how to turn a carrot into a flower or radish into a toadstool!

The choir stalls hosted an amazing display of Liz’s calligraphy and bookmaking talent. Also, the local village quilters displayed the fruits of their detailed and patient works of art.

Next through the doors were ‘The Village Judges’. They were so impressed and found the task of awarding first, second and third certificates a real challenge.

It was just as well that our food judge hadn’t had lunch as there was a lot of pizza, quiche and bread to try – not to mention a few dozen cakes to sample too!

At 2.30pm the doors to Spaldwick Church were opened and the Church became alive with people enjoying the displays, being proud of certificates awarded and enjoying each others company over tea and cake.

Several first place items received a “Wow!” trophy for demonstrating extra skill. These were awarded to :

  • Chloe Rutherford (Church painting)
  • Lorraine Sturdy (Spaldwick people photography)
  • Margaret Plummer (a needlework box)
  • Charlotte Hutton (a decorated egg – chocolate and chicken)
  • Bridgett Wooddisse (handwriting)
  • Liz McCue (sponge cake)

Trophies were also awarded to individuals in each age category who had entered several classes and had gained the most points overall. These were awarded to

  • Emily Wakefield (under 5)
  • Lorcan Harbour and Alice Rutherford (6-10 years of age)
  • Aine Harbour and Teigan Harbour (11-15 years of age)
  • Carolyn Traynor (16 and over)

There were also teddy bears dropped from the church tower only to be saved by their handmade parachutes! Their descents were timed, at between 2.7 and 5.5 seconds. The winner was Tiny Teddy. His owner’s last words were, “Don’t blow away!”

John Blatch was the winner of the ‘Egg Jarping’ contest. We will need some enthusiasts back next year to take his place as reigning champion.

Many thanks to all who helped on the day and those who entered items into the event. Some feedback forms have been gratefully received and further feedback and offers of help would be appreciated to make next year’s event bigger and better!

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