Feedback from Spaldwick villagers on superfast broadband

The first superfast broadband connection in Spaldwick took place on 1st July 2014. Since then, superfast broadband is making a considerable difference to residents and businesses in Spaldwick. If you haven’t subscribed to superfast broadband yet, please read below what other residents think about high-speed fibre broadband now they have it!

For more information, read our Superfast Fibre Broadband Questions and Answers and/or our broadband newsfeed. If you have had superfast broadband installed, please let us know what you think by emailing

Early adopters of superfast broadband celebrate with Connecting Cambridgeshire

Some of the early adopters of superfast broadband from across Spaldwick got to pose for the ‘official’ Connecting Cambridgeshire photograph (below), celebrating the first 30,000 homes being passed with high-speed fibre broadband in Cambridgeshire.

Early adopters of superfast broadband in Spaldwick

Eddie is now retired, but has embraced the Internet and is delighted that he is paying less for superfast broadband than he was for conventional broadband. “Well, it was certainly worth waiting for. Even for me, as a bit of a novice, it is definitely faster in all the areas I use, and all this at a cheaper price than before.”

David owns the electrical retailer in nearby Kimbolton and has struggled with slow Internet speeds, being close to the edge of Spaldwick. “I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in speeds. Gone are days of frustration of a pretty near non-ability to download, to the joy of having downloads appearing as one old comedian use to say “before your very eyes”. Now iPlayer is a joy to view. Now at our house, as far as broadband is concerned, all is bliss, especially when members of my family visit from the Oxford area. No longer will I have to suffer the moans and groans and cries of “YOUR’E BROADBAND IS A WASTE OF TIME”! I have some very jealous friends. Incidentally, from a business point of view, the sale of Smart TVs in the Spaldwick area will be made a lot easier!

Mark runs the village website, takes photos and videos of village events, and runs a number of online businesses. He has already installed two fibre broadband connections to deliver the speeds necessary for his work. “Superfast broadband has dramatically changed how I work. I regularly need to upload videos and photographs, which used to take hours and now take minutes. My upload speeds have increased by a factor of 25. My family enjoys watching TV using Sky Online, Apple TV, Lovefilm and Netflix, and the experience has been transformed.”

Lisa co-owns team building event companies Creative Team Events and DrumPulse. “Our website is critical to securing business from across the globe. With the aid of superfast broadband, we’ve now been introducing leading-edge multimedia content to differentiate ourselves from our aggressive global competitors. Also, with a very young family and a need to respond to clients in different timescales, superfast broadband is enabling me to stay ‘connected’ from home 24 hours a day. My husband is also loving fibre broadband as he is a YouTube addict and loves the new responsiveness!”

Aged over 80, John has for many years been active in the local community, producing Spaldwick’s monthly newsletter and taking an active role in several groups in the village. Impressively, he’s been keen to embrace new technology, being one of the very first villagers to order superfast broadband. “Superfast broadband is certainly much faster, and enables me to do what I want to do much more quickly. The engineer informed me that I’m virtually getting the full speed possible on my package.”

Mick and his family rely on the Internet for many different types of services, including TV, Internet radio and gaming. “Since getting high-speed broadband, the family can now watch HD movies online without buffering. The online gaming experience is also enhanced according to younger members of the family. I am sure that estate agents now see broadband speed as a key selling point, as it’s a 21st century essential.”

With a young family, Pete has suffered from poor broadband speeds, severely limiting the use of the Internet. “Speed tests have reported a download speed of 35 Mbps, so I am very happy! I am grateful for the fantastic efforts in getting fibre to the village.”

For Jason, who works full time and is married to Keren (who also works full time), superfast broadband is transforming his life by allowing him to work efficiency from home. “As a telecoms project manager, having superfast broadband at home is a game changer. I can now avoid three hours of travelling per day and manage my team from home with the same connectivity as being in the office. During the school holidays, I can even carry on with my work while my three young children are simultaneously connecting via their tablets. Amazingly, I’ve counted 26 connected devices in my house, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Apple TV, music streamers and set-top boxes! I’ve already installed a second fibre broadband connection.”

Mark’s job involves a considerable amount of travelling. With a young family and a desire to work more efficiently, he has been keen to seize the opportunity to work from home. “Working from home with a head office in Coventry, files and reports are regularly uploaded and downloaded. This could often take a considerable time to complete before superfast broadband. Now, it’s just like being in the office! Superfast broadband has also been a hit with the family. For the first time, we subscribed to online TV services and can watch programmes in HD without delays or pauses.”

Yasmin is an interior designer who relies on online marketing. She has gained an international recognition with her blog and has recently been listed in the top 100 most influential designers on Twitter. “I often communicate with my clients via images to help explain a design concept or to focus on a particular interior style. High-speed Internet is vitally important for my business as I research thousands of images every month and need to work quickly to make the best use of time.”

Darrell runs Number 12 – Spaldwick’s Shop and Deli – with his wife Maud. With the limited footfall of his shop in Spaldwick, Darrell has quickly embraced online marketing opportunities with his websites and Facebook. “Despite slow broadband speeds, I’ve managed to create a large online community, as well as pursue new online business ventures including Secret Feast and online ordering. Superfast broadband is allowing me to manage my online activities much more quickly and to expand online content by incorporating videos.”

Vicky has a young family and thinks that her family’s use of the Internet is typical of many families within the village. “The installation of the superfast broadband has made a great difference to what we are able to download at home. With fast broadband speeds now, all of my family can use the Internet at the same time. So we are able to download songs, watch movies, play games and do the weekly online grocer shop all at the same time! Perfect!!”

Bill is a Civil and Commercial Mediator and an Executive Coach. With the arrival of superfast broadband, Bill has grasped the nettle and decided to develop websites for his businesses for the very first time, which should be launched within the next few weeks. “Before superfast broadband came along, the development of websites was very time consuming. Not only are things much quicker now, but I have expanded my ideas on developing website content, to include video. With broadband before, I could go and have a cup of coffee waiting for tasks to complete. Now, I hardly have time to get my favourite mug out of the cupboard!”

Anita is retired and an active user of the Internet to keep in touch with family and friends, and has amassed a significant number of online devices, including mobile phones, tablets, notebook, Kindle and Sky Online. “I use Skype video calling to keep in touch with friends and family from all over the world, including Australia, and it’s great to keep in contact with my grandchildren. My grandchildren visited for a week recently. They connected up their own tablets, and I used Sky Online for the very first time when they wanted to see a particular programme on the television. Broadband is so much faster than it was before.”

As a typical teenager, George has enthusiastically embraced the opportunities from superfast broadband. “I use the Internet mainly for watching YouTube, downloading games and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter through multiple devices – PC, iPhone and iPad. Superfast broadband has allowed me to stream sports events in HD, such as football and NBA matches. I can download music, apps and films to my portable devices effortlessly. Everyday tasks requiring the Internet such as homework have been made more efficient and ‘hassle free’ by the improved broadband speed. Overall, the new superfast broadband has drastically improved my family’s Internet experience.”

Rui is a high-technology engineer who travels countrywide and overseas to visit his clients. “With the introduction of superfast broadband, I’m now able to remotely connect to clients and upload and download software to them. I am able to provide support to my clients via remote connection, cutting down on the amount of travelling hours to and from customer sites. This also means that my clients can get quicker support. For personal home use, the family can now surf the Internet without it slowing down other family members’ broadband or even knocking them off.”

Krista is a Finance Director. As she works in London, she has had to travel regularly to work by train, which means that she arrives late home in the evening. “With a very young family, I’ve been keen to try to work from home more, but it’s been very difficult due to the slow speed connection to my company’s corporate network. The arrival of superfast broadband is finally allowing me to better balance the needs of my work and my family and couldn’t have come soon enough!”

Living near the edge of Spaldwick, broadband speeds and reliability have been poor, severely limiting the services that could be accessed. “The main advantage for me is now being able to Facetime and Skype my son and his family wherever they may be. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like to and, with our previous Internet connection, it was nearly impossible to have a conversation. There was always a time delay or the screen would freeze and often we would lose the connection!”

George has a young family. “Thanks to superfast broadband, I am able to watch movies and stream all of the sport that I want to watch. Previously, this was impossible due to the poor connection and low streaming speeds. It really has made such a difference to what is now available for the whole family. Both of my girls are now able to download music while I am watching the television at the same time. Now, there are no interruptions for anyone.”

Other feedback from Spaldwick residents

Here is other feedback from residents enjoying the benefits of superfast broadband:

Alison is PR and Communications Manager at the nearby Kimbolton School and needs to upload and update content regularly on the school website. Before, she needed to go into school but can now work from home since the home broadband connection is now faster than at school. Stuart commutes to London. With very poor mobile coverage in the village, Stuart has a femtocell signal booster. With poor broadband speeds previously, performance of the signal booster was very poor, but now it works perfectly with superfast broadband. Son Alex is back from university for the summer. He wasn’t looking forward to coming home to poor speeds after getting used to the university network, but now says that speeds are even better than at university!

Grahame Leach runs the bed and breakfast in Spaldwick and is a member of the Parish Council. “For a small and successful business like ours over last 15 years, superfast broadband is invaluable. We feel it also opens up new possibilities for our property to use the Barn as an office or explore other uses for the building. Based on what is happening in Spaldwick, I feel that broadband at this level, on a national basis would do more by far to help the economy than almost anything else. It would probably be a vote winner.”

“The speed is amazing. The first thing I did was to watch a snip of Glastonbury, which we missed at the weekend and it was great not having it stop and start all the time. The chap also helped me order the bits and pieces I need to be able to watch stuff on the television. We hadn’t bothered before as our speed had been so dire so that’s an added bonus of having high speed broadband.” Jean

“YouTube now starts instantly, and I can now watch Sky Online content straight away without having to wait for the file to download. Uploading of photos is dramatically faster. Everyone in the house has noticed it is much quicker. We now couldn’t go back to the old broadband!” Mark

“The installation was quick and professionally done. The engineer had all the answers to my questions. Speed has increased dramatically – 79 Mbps at the main socket point as tested by the BT Engineer. BT TV Oneview box worked a treat, simple to install and use. Worth it alone to watch any online HD film without it buffering.”

“Amazing improvement to gaming. The pings to games servers are now much lower than they were before and downloads of games are much much faster!”

“I have just installed the superfast broadband system. It does seem a lot quicker and was easy to install.”

“Ordering process and pre-installation communications by BT were very good. Hub arrived as scheduled. Engineer turned up bang on time (right at start of slot allocated). He was all done within 30 minutes. Generally everything seems quicker – more so on the iPad and iPhone. For example, Google search results come through faster; sites of BT, webmail, Spaldwick and Lloyds Bank all skip along nicely.”

“Fibre arrived with us today! 30 Mbps download – up from 2.6 Mbps! Thanks for all your hard work!”

“32 Mbps down / 7 Mbps up on Burton Way. This is with an ‘up to 38 Mbps’ service. More than happy so far!”

“Congratulations Mark. BT Infinity was connected today! The days of making a cup of tea while waiting for a film to stop buffering are gone. 33.5 Mbps download and 3.5 Mbps upload on Stow Road. Probably the most important part is my wife can get a full signal to browse while in bed!”

“From 2.3 Mbps to 19.6 Mbps, so I’d say that was an improvement! And that’s on my ten year old PC running XP.”

If you have had superfast broadband installed, please let us know what you think by emailing If you are suffering any problems (such as erratic speeds) after migration, these are probably caused by WiFi set-up issues. The following guide will help you to address these:

WiFi Optimisation – a guide to optimise your WiFi network