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Spaldwick features in Connecting Cambridgeshire video (March 2019)

In the Connecting Cambridgeshire video below, Mark Heath, Spaldwick’s Broadband Champion, outlines the benefits to the village from superfast broadband, as well as plans to improve speeds even further.


Christmas carol concert (December 2018)

One of the highlights of 2018 in Spaldwick was the Carol Party held in Spaldwick Church. It showcased the incredible talent of young local people including Ben Rice, Poppy Hall and the rest of Out of the Shadows, along with Rob and James Burton. Anyone who was not lucky enough to attend can get a taste of the evening by watching the video below. Here you can see saxophonist Rob Burton perform the piece ‘Hallelujah’, accompanied by his brother James. It’s been an amazing year for Rob, winning the Woodwind Final of BBC Young Musician and getting through to the final of the competition – and we were very honoured to have him perform for us.

When the video went live on the website and our Spaldwick Facebook page, the response was amazing with over 3,000 views within a few hours – that’s about 30 times the number of people that attended the concert in person. More videos of the other performers and photos can be found on the Mark Heath Photography website.


Ringers Remember on Remembrance Sunday (November 2018)

Spaldwick fell silent as mark of respect to the fallen at 11am on November 11th, Remembrance Day. A special service was held on the Village Green, with poppy wreaths and small wooden crosses placed in front of the War Memorial. At 12.30pm, the bells of St James Church were rung as part of the national ‘Ringers Remember’ event, part of commemorations marking 100 years since the end of the First World War. View the video below of the Spaldwick bell ringers.

View the photos from Remembrance Sunday


Progress at Manor Farm in Spaldwick (May 2018)

Spaldwick villagers have been fascinated in watching the restoration of Manor Farm being undertaken by Richard Johnson. The video below shows the latest progress:

View the photos of the latest Manor Farm developments


Villagers take part in a national superfast broadband marketing campaign

Spaldwick villagers took centre stage in a national government marketing campaign to encourage the take-up of superfast broadband.


Villagers celebrate the success of the broadband registration scheme with Connecting Cambridgeshire

In this video, Spaldwick villagers celebrate achieving a high number of registrations in the Connecting Cambridgeshire superfast broadband scheme. Don’t we look young!?


Zoë Perkins

Spaldwick’s very own young musician Zoe Perkins took part in the BBC Young Musician competition. She delighted the audience and her family and friends by delivering spectacular performances at the Brass Final of the Young Musician of the Year 2016 competition.


Spaldwick Fetes

In the first video David Watson, the Spaldwick Village Crier advertises the Spaldwick Fete, and it contains some hilarious outtakes.

In the video below, David Watson opens the Spaldwick Fete:

In this video, Mark Hunter gets what he deserves at the Spaldwick Fete.


Santa Sleigh

Every Christmas, Santa visits Spaldwick. Watch our video below to see what happens!

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