Spaldwick Village Hall

The Spaldwick Village Hall was sold over 20 years ago and the funds were put into a trust with the intention of building a new hall in the village. The trust stated that the money was to be managed by the Village Hall Committee (Trustees of the funds). The Spaldwick Village Hall is registered by the Charities Commission – Charity no. 276174

Spaldwick is a small village surrounded by agricultural land, with only limited land within the village boundaries. Over the years, the Village Hall Committee has undertaken to try and find suitable land for a village hall. Times change and different options come and go but, unfortunately, to date there has not been a solution.

Relative to the cost of land and buildings, the village hall fund has been depreciating in relative terms.

While a village plan once identified that the majority of the village wanted a village hall, there is now little appetite for the huge task of fundraising and building of a village hall with its associated liabilities and maintenance.

At the latest AGM (April 2019), the attendees voted to pursue investment opportunities in order to maintain funds and to use some of the resulting dividends for various village causes (with appropriate proposals and panel considerations before being agreed and voted on by the village at the AGM).

This option will be voted on at the next AGM (which will take place on Wednesday 29th April 2020).

Lyndy Pullan – Chair
On behalf of the Committee

Below you will find recent minutes of meetings (in PDF format):

Annual General Meeting minutes (4th April 2019)

Village Hall Meeting minutes (October 2019)